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On Saturday, July 5, 2008, my wife and I visited Mark Ward Kia in Carbondale, IL. We were looking at a Sportage or the Sorento. We decided to test drive the Sorento. After a short test drive, during which we were instructed where to turn and when to switch drivers, we returned to the dealership. The sales person, Chris, asked if we were interested in purchasing the vehicle. We inquired about the bottom line price and he referred us to the sales manager who identified himself as Scott. Scott immediately asked us if we were going to purchase this Sorento. I asked him for the price. He again asked if we were going to purchase the vehicle right now. Again I requested the price. He retorted with “I’m not going to tell you the price unless you purchase this vehicle right now.” I said I didn’t do business that way. I want to know the price before I purchase anything. He refused to divulge the sales price at which time we told him no and turned to leave.

After thinking about this, I returned to the showroom and asked to see Scott. I told him that we have never been treated as rudely as we had just been. That we have purchased many cars throughout our lifetime and that we will never purchase a Kia not to mention a vehicle from Ward. His response was that they are the # 2 Kia dealership in the four state area and they didn’t need our business. I told him that my wife and I are locals, employed at the University and in the medical field, and that we know many people and we will make sure that all of our friends are aware of the lack of professionalism of this dealership. He responded “go ahead” and returned to his office. As I walked out the door there was an enormous outburst of laughter from this “sales manager’s” office.

While I’m on professionalism, the sales staff was about the most unruly looking group I have ever encountered in any dealership.

I guarantee that we will never own a Kia nor will we ever do business with Mark Ward.

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I'm considering buying a car from them, I've been into the dealership and everyone was very nice.Had a nice test drive - nobody was pushy.

I am hopeful that they will work with me as I know what the car is worth and what I'm willing to pay. I will take my time with my decision and if they don't respect that, I will walk away.

I was upfront about all that and they have been very accommodating, so far.I am hoping that all of these bad reviews are from the past, but I will keep them in the front of my mind while trying to make a deal.


Was contacted by one of the salesman that they had a deal going on that they would sell one 2013 kia soul for the price of 9, 900.I was surprised by the deal and asked if it was manual knowing the price was too good to be true.

He responded no it is a 2013 automatic. I went straight to the dealer. They let me choose the color and test drive it. I was already late to class from talking to them and they insisted my parents drive 2 hours to come see it.

I told them I would be back after class. I returned and said we would most likely like to buy it. This is when he told me that they could not sell me the one I test drove because they would only do the deal on a manual but that I could buy it at 17, 000. They flat lied to my face trying to get me to fall in love with the car in hopes I would buy it anyways.

I stood up and said no thank you. He proceeded to walk me out and said atleast you got to drive one. *** I can test drive any car I want at anytime. Glad I wasted my whole day and missed class just to deal with these guys.

I cant believe their still in business seeing this is obviously how they run all of their sales.


I have dealt with Ward on a number of occasions and they are deceptive and *** artists. Would not recommend them to anyone


I wanted to read the "***" comments but it ended up as a vote. My company has had trouble with fleet car service and the attitude at Ward Kia. Bad enough that they won't buy there again!


To anyone that that may read anything that is posted on this page.

My name is Alex and I am newly the Internet Sales Manager for all of the Ward Auto Group dealerships. I have personally read each and every post on this page, and while I can't speak for what has happend before me, I can promise you all that things now are very different now that I am leading things.

If you have any issue at all, or would like to talk with me personally before beginning your search for your new vehicle, please contact me by email or either phone number listed below.

Things have changed dramatically here, and I would love the chance to regain your trust.

Alex Bettinger

Internet Sales Manager

Ward Auto Group

IL: (618)457-8155

MO: (573)332-1711


Dropped off 2011 Hyundai at cape Hyundai to get detail and oil change.Picked up the car later and remembered wedding rings in console.

Went to get them out and they were gone. Dylan the lil boy in the garage admitted he opened a console. When the cops got called everyone there refused to tell the cops that part. Talked to Seth, Chris, and John.

All pure jerks.

Still no rings!On may 18, 2012


there cars are junk mark ward and his staff are *** they lie i bought a new car from them never again its junk the main headquaters should get rid of those dumb *** liars and jackasses


We went to ward in carb, and we have a special needs child with a heart condition, i parked our car by their trucks, I had the windows down and a salesman came out, opened a truck door next to my truck and he set off the alarm.I turned to the backseat to check my daughter, she was getting upset, so i drove across the lot, away from the noise,i went into the showroom to get my gf, and told her we were leaving. the salesman,manager, and some old guy came out to our car, NEVER APOLOGIZED, nothing they wanted to know if i was still buying the car!! bunch of fucknuts!!


I was very disappointed in my experience at ward Kia there business is based on lies.They misrepresent things and run your credit so many times that it takes your credit score down.

They need to take their commercials off the air if they don't have the products and tell you lies.

If they base their business on lies they are bad business men.I will never be back and will tell everyone I know about my experience.


Buying a new car can be hard, but I didn't have a problem with ward Kia. Car salesmen are going to be pushy every where you go, but I think at ward Kia if u have good credit there more willing to work with you, but that's true with all dealerships. Everyone I spoke with was very nice and they new nothing about my credit... :)

The real problem I had was when I got a noticed about a late payment on the car I had traded in.. I had to make several calls to the sales office to fix this issue..

:upset So I guess I have mixed emotions! Lol

All in all I'm glad I went to ward Kia, I love my new 2011 Kia optima!!

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